Why visit Bhutan?

“Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.”

IMG_2225.JPG“Why visit Bhutan? What’s actually in there to see?” was the exact question I had been once asked by an acquainted overseas resident. Perhaps, why should anyone visit Bhutan, when there are a hundred and one other exotic cities and places around the world that offers everything by all standards?

The reasons can be numerous. Clear blue skies, nature’s pristine quality untouched (which is why Bhutan is recognized as not only the carbon sink of the neighboring countries, but as the world’s only carbon negative country), a unique and rich culture preserved at its best, a sacred heritage, and kind, warmhearted, peace loving, smiley-happy people ready to greet and help you. These are some of the qualities that amplifies why Bhutan stands eminent to rest of the world as the Gross National Happiness country, the only country that measures its success by happiness and not by the GDP.

These are a few special qualities and values amongst many others that Bhutan still holds onto and tactfully balance with onslaught of globalization when rest of the world has lost it. Thus, Bhutan truly is a unique destination for every traveler. In fact, Bhutan offers the last vestige of hope for the rest of the world.”

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